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Note: Meal templates below can only be accessible using DietMaster Pro, DietMaster Web and DietMaster Go mobile software products

Standard Collections

  • Heart Healthy Living - (60c/25p/15f)
  • Womenís Healthy Aging - (50c/30p/20f)
  • Paleo Lifestyle (40c/30p/30f)
  • Sustained Energy - (50c/25p/25f)
  • Anti Aging - (55c/20p/25f)
  • On The Go - (50c/25p/25f)
  • Teen Lifestyle - (55c/20p/25f)
  • Low Fat Weight Loss - (50c/30p/20f)
  • North Beach Phase One - (45c/30p/25f)
  • North Beach Phase Two - (60c/20p/20f)
  • Healthy Soy - (60c/25p/15f)
  • Mediterranean - (50c/20p/30f)
  • Asian Explosion - (60c/25p/15f)
  • High Fiber - (60c/25p/15f)

Organic Plans

  • Organic Low Fat - (55c/25p/20f)
  • Organic Low Carb - (40c/30p/30f)

Fitness Collections

  • Fitness - Muscle Builder - (50c/30p/20f)
  • Fitness - Lean & Tone Physique - (50c/35p/15f)
  • Fitness - Athletic Training - (60c/20p/20f)

Macro Balanced Plans

  • Macro Plan 20P 60C 20F
  • Macro Plan 25P 50C 25F
  • Macro Plan 25P 55C 20F
  • Macro Plan 30P 40C 30F
  • Macro Plan 30P 45C 25F
  • Macro Plan 35P 35C 30F
  • Macro Plan 40P 30C 30F

Disease Prevention

  • Low Cholesterol - (65c/20p/15f)
  • Heart Disease Prevention- (60c/20p/20f)
  • Stable Blood Sugar - (60c/20p/20f)
  • Osteoporosis Prevention - (60c/20p/20f)
  • Stroke Prevention (DASH) - (60c/20p/20f)
  • Cancer Prevention - (60c/20p/20f)
  • Breast Cancer Prevention - (60c/20p/20f)

Glycemic Management

  • Glycemic - Low - (50c/25p/25f)
  • Glycemic - Low (am) to High (pm)
  • Glycemic - High (am) to Low (pm)

Low Carb Collection

  • Low Carb Lifestyle - (40c/30p/30f)
  • Low Carb Fast Food - (40c/30p/30f)
  • Low Carb All American - (40c/30p/30f)
  • Low Carb Hispanic - (40c/30p/30f)
  • Low Carb Italian - (40c/30p/30f)

Keto Plans

  • Ketogenic VLCD (25c/5p/70f) 500 to 1000 cal
  • Ketogenic (25c/5p/70f) 1300 to 1700 cal

Fasting Plans

  • Intermittent Fasting 16:8 Hour Plan
  • Intermittent Fasting Alternate Day Plan
  • Intermittent Fasting 5:2 Day Plan

Advanced Chronic Disease Series

  • Alkaline Cancer (40c/30p/30f)
  • Alzheimer's (30c/35p/35f)
  • Anemia (30c/40p/30f)
  • Anti-Inflammatory (40c/30p/30f)
  • Arthritis and Diabetes (35c/30p/35f)
  • Arthritis and Heart Disease (40c/30p/30f)
  • Asthma (25c/45p/30f)
  • Behavioral Disorders (25c/45p/30f)
  • Cancer and Heart Disease (45c/20p/35f)
  • Chronic Kidney Disease (60c/15p/25f)
  • Celiac Disease (40c/30p/30f)
  • Cirrhosis (50c/30p/20f)
  • Congestive Artery Disease (40c/30p/30f)
  • Congestive Heart Disease (40c/30p/30f)
  • COPD (40c/30p/30f)
  • Crohn's Disease (50c/30p/20f)
  • Cystic Fibrosis (50c/30p/20f)
  • Depression (35c/30p/35f)
  • Diabetes (25c/50p/25f)
  • Diabetes and High Cholesterol (25c/50p/25f)
  • Diabetes and Hypertension (25c/50p/25f)
  • Eczema (40c/30p/30f)
  • Epilepsy (25c/35p/40f)
  • GERD (30c/50p/20f)
  • Gout (30c/50p/20f)
  • Hepatitis (30c/50p/20f)
  • High Cholesterol (30c/40p/30f)
  • Homone Balance (30c/40p/30f)
  • Hypertension (25c/50p/25f)
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome-IBS (30c/40p/30f)
  • Multiple Sclerosis (30c/40p/30f)
  • Obesity and Diabetes (30c/40p/30f)
  • Osteomalacia (25c/45p/30f)
  • Osteoporosis (25c/45p/30f)
  • Pancreatic (30c/50p/20f)
  • Psoriasis (30c/40p/30f)
  • Rheumatic Heart Disease (30c/40p/30f)
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis (30c/40p/30f)
  • Rickets (25c/45p/30f)
  • Sarcopenia (40c/30p/30f)
  • Stroke (30c/40p/30f)
  • Thyroid (30c/40p/30f)
  • Ulcerative Colitis (30c/50p/20f)

True Paleo Series

  • True Paleo FODMAP (40c/30p/30f)
  • True Paleo AutoImmune (40c/30p/30f)
  • True Paleo Pescapaleo (40c/30p/30f)
  • True Paloeo Strength (40c/30p/30f)
  • True Paleo Triathlete (40c/30p/30f)

Detox and Cleanse

  • Detox, Fruit - (14 days)
  • Detox, Lean Meat - (14 Days)
  • Detox, Lean Meat - (14 Days)

30 Day Compilation Plans

  • 30 Day Womenís Anti Aging
  • 30 Day Weight Loss
  • 30 Day Post Pregnancy
  • 30 Day Pre/Post Natal Lactating
  • 30 Day Heart Healthy
  • 30 Day Cholesterol Control for Men
  • 30 Day Hypertension

Special Dietary Needs

  • Vegan Lifestyle - (55c/25p/20f)
  • Vegetarian Lifestyle - (65c/15p/20f)
  • Wheat Sensitivity - (65c/20p/15f)
  • Lactose Intolerant- (55c/25p/20f)
  • Gluten Free - (55c/25p/20f)
  • Kosher - (55c/25p/20f)

*Disclaimer - Medical Series products are required to be purchased by a board certified physician or licensed dietitian. DietMaster Software products are not intended to replace the expert advice of a medical practitioner and are not designed to treat diseases of any kind.© Copyright 2021 Lifestyles Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Kimberly A. Tessmer, RDN, LD

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Work From Home Solution For Dietitian Professionals

Registered and licensed dietitians know the time involved in creating custom meal plans from scratch for their clients. Over the past 20 years DietMaster Pro has focused on developing software technology to simplify this process. Being that some of the owners of DietMaster Pro are Registered Dietitians, we understand the needs associated with this trade. We offer software products to develop, deliver and track nutritional programs for individuals as well as large institutions. Our collection of contributed meal plan templates is among the most popular features with our software for many dietitians, saving them a great deal of time and effort, with over 5,000 days of pre-made meal plans that can be customized and easily modified to your liking.

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DietMaster Pro Desktop Software

  • Enter unlimited profiles and plans
  • Create meal plans from scratch
  • Access optional pre-built meal plans
  • Time saving features
  • Copy from and modify pre-built templates
  • Email PDF reports to clients
  • Copy from and modify pre-built templates
  • Create custom recipes
  • Upload client and meal plans to optional web & mobile platform
  • Print report with your company logo

DietMaster Web & Go Mobile

  • Deliver meal plans and grocery list via web and smart phones
  • Access optional pre-built meal plans
  • Track usage
  • Monitor food and exercise logs
  • Syncs with most all wearable tracking devices
  • White label branding options
  • Optionally, sell access online

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