DietMaster University Video Tutorials

DietMaster Pro & DietMaster 2100 Desktop Software Tutorials

Lession 1 - Navigation Overview
Lesson 2 - Report Header & Logo Setup
Lesson 3 - Importing a Meal Template
Lesson 4 - Entering a New Profile
Lesson 5 - Override the Recommended
Lesson 6 - Assigning a Pre Built Meal 
Lesson 7 - Adding a Custom Food 
Lesson 8 - Performaing a Dietary Analysis
Lesson 9 - Exchanging Foods
Lesson 10 - Deleting Saved Meal Dates
Lesson 11 - Design a Meal Plan
Lesson 12 - Designing a Custom Meal
Lesson 13 - Copy To and CopyFrom Function
Lesson 14 - Record and Track Body Comp.
Lesson 15 - Record & Track Body Measurements
Lesson 16 - Nutrition Facts Label Report
Lesson 17 - Uploading to Web/Mobile Account

DietMaster Web and Go Mobile Software Tutorials

Profile Summary
Assigned Planned Meals
Log Meals
Log Exercise
Body Composition
DietMaster Go Mobile App

MyMoves Video Exercise Planner

Watch This First (Definitions, Rules, & etc)
Copy an Exercise Routine to Users
Adding a Custom Video Move
Adding Instruction to Routines
Creating a Workout Routine Template
Email a Workout Routine to a Client(s)
Print a Workout Routine