Business Class Solutions for Online Meal Planning, Food and Activity Logging

DietMaster Web is a business class subscription-based online meal planning, logging and exercise tool used by medical & wellness organizations, nutritionists, health clubs and fitness professionals, web-based service businesses, supplement companies and educational institutions. The DietMaster Web product is the offspring of our popular DietMaster Pro series of CD products but developed in a web-based format to allow shared-access and data between you and your customer and can be accessed anywhere having a high speed internet connection. All DietMaster Web subscriptions include end-user access to the DietMaster Go mobile app.

TeleConference Quick Link Feature

New for 2020 is the all new TeleConference Quick Link feature available on all DietMaster Web products. This allows your customer to join a teleconference session with ease. No more hassling of opening multiple web pages to join your teleconference session. The new TeleConference Quick Link can be configured with the conference service you choose, or by default access our most popular totally free,... yes I said free, teleconference service from a leading 3rd party provider. 

The DietMaster Web family is offered in four platforms. Depending on which platform you choose, the primary functionality can include access to ready-to print meals designed by our team of Registered Dietitians, logging meals and exercise activity, body composition and goal tracking, fitness assessment and aggregate data reports for ROI measurement and contest ranking reports. For the professional dietitian, new features include the ability to build meal plans real-time and post them for customer access. Meal plans can be constructed following your proprietary protocols and even include supplement or food products of any brand.

Finally...any version of DietMaster Web can be branded with your own header and linked to your web site. Advanced scripting is available on some platforms for pass-thru of login access from your front-end web site, HRA integration, eCommerce shopping cart integration and custom APIs. Ask us for more information.


DietMaster WebLog

Starting at

$29.95 /mo

Activation Fee of $59

Free activation w/DietMaster Pro purchase

  • Your Page Branding & Your Domain Name Your Page
  • Back Office Console for Administration & Monitoring
  • No 3rd Party Advertising on your pages!

DietMaster WebLog – provides simple food and exercise logging for your customers and can be monitored real time including reporting. If you are a DietMaster Pro desktop software user and creating meal plans from scratch, you can upload your customers directly to WebLog where they will have access to the meal plans and grocery lists with the DietMaster Go mobile smart phone app.

The Web Log solution is recommended with the purchase of DietMaster Pro desktop software for easy client setup, overrides and local backup of meal plans you design.


DietMaster Web Lite

Starting at

$69.95 /mo

Activation Fee of $199

DietMaster Web Lite – specifically designed for most non customer- facing nutrition counseling. Web Lite works best as a self-help tool for your customers, giving them access to typical food & exercise logging functionality, but includes access to our complete library of ready-to-print Registered Dietitian designed meal plans. Meal plans and grocery lists can be printed within minutes. Popular uses include medical referral to patients, fitness bootcamps and small wellness organizations.

The Web Lite solution is recommended with the purchase of DietMaster Pro desktop software for easy client setup, overrides and local backup.


DietMaster Web Lite Medical

Starting at

$99.95 /mo

Activation Fee of $199

DietMaster WebMed  – designed for the medical practitioner who specializes in weight loss and nutritional therapy when considering chronic diseases. 

Meal plans and grocery lists can be printed in minutes and handed to the patient.  You can also deliver meal plans and reports by email or give your patients access to their plans using their smart phones

DietMaster WebMed outputs all reports in a digital format for archive purposes.  Access is secure and offers the setup of multiple adminstrator logins.


Usage Example

DietMaster Web Log DietMaster Web Lite DietMaster Web Med
Number of Profiles Cost/mo. Breakdown per user/mo. Cost/mo. Breakdown per user /mo. Cost/mo. Breakdown per user /mo.
Up To 25 Profiles $ 29.95 $ 1.20 $ 69.95 $ 2.79 $ 99.95 $ 4.00
Up To 50 Profiles $ 39.95 $ 0.80 $ 89.95 $ 1.79 $ 159.95 $ 3.20
Up To 100 Profiles $ 59.95 $ 0.60 $ 139.95 $ 1.39 $ 249.95 $ 2.50
Up To 250 Profiles $ 99.95 $ 0.40 $ 249.95 $ 1.00 $ 499.95 $ 2.00
Up To 500 Profiles $ 149.95 $ 0.30 $ 379.95 $ 0.75 $ 799.95 $ 1.60
Up To 1,000 Profiles $ 259.95 $ 0.26 $ 599.95 $ 0.60 $ 1,299.95 $ 1.30
Up To 2,500 Profiles $ 599.95 $ 0.24 call call
Up To 5,000 Profiles $ 1,149.95 $ 0.23
Up To 10,000 Profiles $ 2,159.95 $ 0.22
Up To 25,000 Profiles $ 4,999.95 $ 0.20
Up To 50,000 Profiles Call

DietMaster Go - Personal Meal Planning Mobile App

DietMaseter Go delivers the convenience of having assigned meal plans and grocery lists right to smart phones.


Fitbit – Fitbit wearables synchronization
Apple Watch – Apple Watch wearable synchronization
My Meals screen – your plan is displayed with options to exchange foods for preferences
Grocery List screen – view and manage your healthy food list for shopping
My Log screen –
keep a food and exercise journal, sync with fitbit and supported wearables
My Goal screen –
keep track of your weight changes and goals
Today’s Summary screen –
gives you a summary of today’s activities and totals
Messaging –
 send private coach messages, video links or broadcast daily fit tips and inspirational messages
Bar Code Scanner –
add custom foods easily from nutritional labels
Syncing –
automatically syncs with your web dashboard account


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