DietMaster Web – Come Back Sale – Activation Fee


DietMaster Web Activation Fee

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Please allow up to two (2) business hours for us to locate and re-activate your account. If you have immediate questions call us at 661-284-2910.

Your DietMaster Web re-activation will provide access to ALL meal plan templates for 90 days at $29.95 per month for up to 25 client profiles.  If your profile count exceeds 25 during the 90 day period, monthly billing will automatically adjust to the next level pricing which is $39.95 a month for up to 50 clients. After initial 90 days, billing amount will adjust automatically based on DietMaster WebLite pricing for $69.95 for up to 25 client profiles.

Client profiles may be deleted from your account anytime once they have been in the system for greater than 30 days. Your DietMaster Web account may be cancelled at anytime with a 30 day notice.