DietMaster CertificationThe DietMaster Pro Certified Weight Management Agent home-study correspondence course will provide the health, fitness and wellness professional the tools, credibility and education that will limit potential liability and greatly attribute to the overall success of a professional weight management program. This program was developed to meet the tremendous demands that health and fitness professionals are faced with daily in this very specialized area of nutrition.

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What makes it unique?

Our Certified Weight Management Agent course is the first of its kind. It combines the proper education, consulting process, software tools and meal plan templates exclusively designed by a registered and licensed dietitian and endorsed by a PhD. This combination provides the highest level of credibility and program content outside of a clinical setting.

Are you aware that certain states in our country have regulatory laws that prohibit an individual from providing nutritional counseling, meal plan design and dietary assessment services without being licensed or a Registered Dietitian? It is estimated in the very near future over 50% of the states within our country will enforce these laws. The DietMaster Pro Certified Weight Management Agent course is designed specifically to provide the necessary qualifications for potential exemption to these laws. This certification will qualify individuals to act as an "agent" under a registered or licensed dietitian who has developed the program to meet certain guidelines and criteria required by state laws.

What is the process to become certified?

Your first step would be to place an order for the certification program from our sales office by calling 888-286-7677. Your certification study guide and test will be mailed to you within 5-7 days. You may submit you test response no later than 90 days from the date in which you received your study guide. Test results will be mailed to you within 30 to 60 days of receipt. If you should fail the test there is a re-test fee of $50.00.

What is the cost of the certification program?

The DietMaster Pro Certified Weight Management Agent home-study correspondence course costs $299.00 plus 10.00 shipping and handling. All major credit cards are accepted. If paying by check make payable to Lifestyles Technologies and mail to the address shown here.

Tell me more about the topics within the study guide.

The certification study guide will provide education in the areas described below.

  • Basic Nutrition
  • Physiology of Weight Management
  • Psychology of Weight Management
  • Counseling and Communication
  • Exercise Science
  • Implementation of Software
  • Legal, Professional and Ethical Responsibilities
  • Useful Resources


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Notice: This program or products are not intended to replace the expert advice of a medical practitioner and are not designed to treat diseases of any kind. Users of this program or product assume all risk. Lifestyles Technologies, Inc., its owners or any related parties assume no liability of any kind.

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