Korr Medical REEVUE

ReeVue Indirect CalorimeterThe REEVUE measures the oxygen that the body consumes. Using this measurement it calculates number of calories that an individual burns at rest in a day*. This technique is called Indirect Calorimetry. This information assists in nutritional assessment and medical nutrition therapy.

The REEVUE is simple to use and provides on-screen and printed results in just 10 minutes. The printout is ideal for maintaining records and will help the clinician and patient to understand the results of the test. RMR value can then be entered into DietMaster Pro Nutrition Software to calculate exact calorie requirements then recommend menu plans to meet specific health and disease prevention goals.

The REEVUE provides an accurate method for measuring VO2 (oxygen consumption) and RMR* (resting metabolic rate)

Indications for Use

The REEVUE can be used for any patient where a measurement of metabolic rate or oxygen uptake (VO2) will be useful, including weight management and nutritional assessment services.


  • Accurate - The REEVUE has been validated against the clinical standard metabolic cart and has demonstrated equivalent accuracy in resting volunteers for both oxygen consumption and resting energy expenditure.
  • Ease of Use - When the REEVUE is turned on, it automatically calibrates and is ready to use. After the test is completed, results are presented on the display screen and are printed directly to an optional printer.
  • Affordable - the REEVUE is priced at only a fraction of the cost of a standard metabolic cart.
  • The REEVUE is lightweight and portable.

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* To view the details of our #1 ranking award please visit www.toptenreview.com

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