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Our marketing tools and services include a complete outsourced social media marketing service as well as brochures and posters to provide a professional means of communicating with your current or prospective customers the value of the services you provide.

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We offer these two brochures that are written in generic format (does not mention DietMaster Pro in content, only in fine print copyright notice) so no matter what the name of your organization or service offering, these brochures are valuable marketing materials.

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The Benefits of Weight Management

Benefits of Weight ManagementThis brochure outlines many important facts and considerations regarding weight management including:

  • Growth of Overweight & Obesity in the U.S.
  • Weight Management & Disease Prevention
  • Increased Quality of Life & Self Esteem
  • Understanding Metabolism
  • Weight Management Services
  • Menu Planning

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PhD Meal Plan Templates for Weight Management and Disease Prevention

PhD Meal Plan TemplatesThis brochure provides all of the detailed definitions of the Registered Dietitian designed & PhD approved meal plans including:

  • Series I: Low Cholesterol, General Weight Loss, Mass Builder, Lean Bodybuilder & Wheat Free.
  • Series II: Mature Women, Low Carb, Heart Healthy, Performance & Vegan
  • Series III: Prevention Series including Heart Disease, Bone Health, Stable Blood Sugar, Cancer Prevention & more.
  • Series IV: Glycemic Management including Low AM to High PM, High PM to Low AM and general Low Glycemic food management plans.

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Master Your Body ChallengeThe Master Your Body Challenge is a weight loss competition program for you, your family and friends, and it can even be put together for your workplace. Programs can be structured where you can compete between individuals or as teams.

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Master Your Body Challenge11x17" posters

One version in qty of 4

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Master Your Body Challenge32"x70" banners

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