Business Testimonials

Note: Actual results may vary. Results are not typical.

StudiozPT Winner! 2013 Nutrition Counselor of the Year - StudiozPT in Australia

Pure Life Wellness Awarded 2nd Place - 2013 Nutrition Counselor of the Year - Pure Life Wellness - Emily Manders

Pro Diets Awarded 3rd Place - 2013 Nutrition Counselor of the Year Pro Diets - Rick Streb

Personal Testimonials

Note: Actual results may vary. Results are not typical.

LindaLinda went from a size 10 to a size 0 in 8 weeks!

JeffJeff lost 33 pounds in just 8 weeks. "Here's to you, Dietmaster".

PaulMeet Paul. He lost 39 pounds in just 8 weeks using the DietMaster program.

JenniferJennifer weighed 197 pounds and lost 26 pounds in just 8 weeks.


JulieHear what Julie says about how the DietMaster program changed her life.

KatchaKatcha lost 21 pounds in only 8 weeks - DietMaster changed her life.

DebbieDebbie lost 7 pounds - 4 pounds of body fat.

YvonneYvonne lost 15 pounds in just 8 weeks using the DietMaster program.

Below are just a few comments from our customers using DietMaster Pro software in a commercial health club, personal training or weight loss establishment.

DietMaster staff:

In a world full of answering machines and voice mail, I am thrilled that a company who's product I have vested so much time into has such an efficient and personable support team.

Scott D.
Health & Wellness Consultant
Reno, Nevada


I have found DietMaster Med to be a convenient, state of the art and invaluable weight loss tool, for any efficient and successful Bariatric practice.

Pratha Atluri, M.D.

Dear Dietmaster Support

Thanks for following up with me on the DietMaster software. It is a great program and I am very pleased with it. Dealing with your company has been an A+ experience start to finish.

Huntly C.
Business Owner
Orlando, Florida

Dear DietMaster,

I would like to thank you for your outstanding support. Your incredible patience and understanding made me feel very comfortable and confident that I will get any problems I may have with your outstanding products resolved quickly and easily. Your warm and friendly, yet highly professional, customer service will be a great addition to my endorsement of your products to all my peers.

Thanks for what you all do, in giving me a greater the ability to change lives. I just wish there was something I can do to help you.

Again Thanks,
Warren M.
Personal Trainer
Modesto, CA

Dear DietMaster Sales,

I just received my certification today !!! Thank you so much for all
your help. I'm so excited to be certified through your company :o) I love the Diet Master Program. I find it very thorough, professional and relatively easy to maneuver. I look forward to a wonderful future as a Weight Management Consultant.

Yours in Health,
Lori G.
Personal Fitness Trainer
Monroe, CT

DietMaster Pro vs. APEX

Dear DietMaster Pro Team,

I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you how much I love you software program. The interface and the features are amazing and time saving. The service does not stop there, your tech support is friendly and willing to take the time to answer all of my questions. Upon installing the software I was able to get right to work, though I being computer savvy that was not a problem, but I did listen to your audio tape and recommend it to those who may be a novice.

After I got the program running I let a friend of mine, who happens to be APEX certified, dabble in its many features. If you are not familiar with APEX, it is another nutritional software program. After only a few minutes of showing him some of the basic features he was amazed. The menu capabilities and the goal tracking were only some of the features he could not stop raving about. Tasks that you have to track by pen and paper with APEX are easily performed by DietMaster Pro. He explained to me that the APEX user interface is hard to work with lacks some of the tools your software incorporates.

Again thanks so much for a wonderful program and I look forward to the new additions you may add in the future. I hope that more of you clients are as satisfied with the program as I am. Good Luck

Steve B.

DietMaster Pro Means VALUE!

Dear Lifestyles Tech:

I cannot thank you enough! I am a nationally certified personal trainer. For over three years I have networked with Doctors and Chiropractors, spoken for large companies on health and wellness, appeared on Channel 5 Midday News every month, set up large health fares, and presented daily health tips on a local radio station. NONE of these have complimented my business better than your DietMaster Pro software program. Before using the program, creating nutritional programs took sometimes days. Once complete I found it hard to justify my program and it's cost over the typical "free-advice" floating around the gym. Never again! Now, I not only make more money per client, and they are actually happy to pay the additional $60.00 for a 30 minute nutrition session, but I am profiting from non-training clients just as fast! That is a market all in itself.

Bottom line is I make more money in a lot less time with high-quality service thanks to the DietMaster Pro system and your customer support.

Your customer support personally walked me through every part of the program. The software was perfect, but I was just computer illiterate.

Anyway, thanks a million and please let me know of any other programs coming out in the future!

Tim with TLC Fitness

DietMaster Pro Stomps the Competition in a Clinical Weight Loss Facility!

Dear DietMaster Pro Team:

I am writing you this email to tell you how wonderful your software is for helping people lose, gain and maintain their weight. I have tried several weight loss diet programs available for computers such as Nutri-Genie, Weight Commander, Diet Pro, Fit Body and several others. No program has the benefits of DietMaster Pro. Your program has the easiest format for entering in new client information and forming a personal food database for individuals. I own The Only Weight Weigh Management Services in Huntsville, Alabama. My clients have lost so much weight and so many inches by following the guidelines that I have set up in your program. I have lost over 80 lbs. Myself and use the meal planning option to maintain my weight. Thank you for this product and for the way it helps real people like me and my clients to lose weight and keep it off!

Deleana B.
The Only Weigh


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